Woolhead Squid

bastard crab

Squid are important prey for many gamefish, from tuna to striped bass. Below is a squid pattern I used during my time living south of Boston, when I fished a lot on Cape Cod. I doubt it's unique, there are only so many ways to tie a squid pattern, but it was effective. In the spring, squid form a major part of the diet of striped bass and bluefish, so it's worth having a few in your fly box.


Hook: Mustad 34007, size 2/0
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon, pink
Underwing: One orange and one purple neck hackle, tied in at the hook bend splaying outward
Overwing: Six white saddle hackle. These should be relatively narrow
Collar: One apricot marabou plume, palmered
Head: Off-white (natural) wool, spun and trimmed to shape
Eyes: Prismatic stick-on or similar, glued with 5-minute epoxy