Q and A

Q. Do you fish Sanibel much during the summer and do you think the beach renourishment will have an impact for this years summer snook fishing?

A. I do fish Sanibel during summer for snook – it’s great sight fishing, and something I look forward to every year. Regarding beach renourishment – I think the beach renourishment will negatively impact the snook fishing. Beach renourishment’s negative impacts on beach ecology are pretty well documented. The new sand pumped on the beaches buries the organisms that live along the beach (crabs, shrimp, worms, etc), and it takes a while for these species to rebound. Since these organisms are prey for gamefish, gamefish have less to eat so may go elsewhere. Or if the gamefish remain in the area, they may not be in good condition. This would be especially bad for snook since they are on the beach for spawning season. Also, very often the sediment that is pumped onto the beach for renourishment is not the same type and quality of sand that is naturally found on the beach, and this has many negative impacts. The impact most immediately obvious when sight-fishing for snook is that the water is extremely murky.