Q and A

Q. What rod do you recommend for bonefish fishing?

A: I think it was Joan Wulff who said that it's tough to find a 'bad' rod these days. The technology is advanced enough that even most of the lower price rods are decent. Of course, some rods are better than others. But I think that the most important consideration when purchasing a rod is that the rod matches your casting style. Some people cast best with fast rods, others with slow rods. I like to feel the rod load, for others that's not a consideration. So my advice is to cast different rods, find the one that suits your style. And remember that just because a Brand X 8-weight was great doesn't mean that their 10-weight will also be great. I've found that for most rod models there is a perfect rod weight, with performance not as good with higher or lower rod weights. I like St. Croix rods and the Orvis Helios because they match my casting style.