Q and A

Q. I'm new to fly fishing for striped bass and bluefish, having recently moved to New England. I've noticed that a lot of the flies used here are either heavy, like big clousers, or wind resistant, like poppers. Do you have any suggestions on casting these big flies?

A. I learned this by trial and error, and have seen similar advice provided by others (including Lefty Kreh) at fly fishing shows. Rather than trying to throw a tight loop, make your cast take more of an oval path. The heavy or wind-resistant fly is going to try to fly a wider path than your tight loop, stealing a lot of your line speed. So why fight it, use that to your advantage. I like to bring the back cast through in a straight line, and make the oval on the forward cast. This allows me to throw the fly toward the water when I shoot line. It will take some practice, but give it a try. You'll know by the feel and your casting distance when you get it right.

Outside the Caribbean my DIY experience is more limited, but if you go to Hawaii, pack a fly rod. They have bonefish there, and some other fun gamefish like jacks, and many of the islands have a guide or a few.