False Albacore

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Stock Photos

mangrove snapper eye macro

My photography is inspired by trying to capture the fleeting images that I experience while fly fishing. It can be difficult to force myself to put down the fly rod and grab the camera, but I am sometimes compelled to do just that.

How To Articles

redfish being released

On any given day, 20% of the water holds 80% of the fish. Learning how to interpret coastal habitats and daily conditions, and understand how gamefish interact with their habitats, goes a long way toward being in the right place at the right time.


saltwater prey book cover

In my books I strive to translate fish ecology into angler's terms. I focus on how-to, so that anglers better understand the what, where, and why of fly fishing for coastal gamefish.

Q & A

redfish, reel, rod on kayak

Readers of the web site are often inspired to email me with questions. Some of those that apply to a wider audience are posted here.


bonefish flat

I've combined my fishing and research experiences to create six PowerPoint presentations for fly anglers, including:

  • The Fisherman's Coast Approach
  • Flats 101
  • Prey and Flies
  • Bonefish


angler and jumping tarpon

Sometimes videos are a better medium for sharing the fishing experience or communicating important aspects of fishing the flats.

  • Fish videos (aka Fish Porn)
  • Instructional videos

Fly Tying

mangrove muddler fly

From inspiration to implementation, creations of feather and fur to fool a gamefish into eating an impression of food.

  • Fly Tying Philosphy
  • Fly Pattern Recipes
  • Articles


juvenile permit in palm of hand

Understanding the ecology of coastal fishes is the focus of my research. This section provides copies of some of my research articles to provide a better idea of what I really do for a living.


guide on platform at sunrise

Occasionally, the things that happen in the course of fly fishing inspire me to write it all down and share it with others.


rod and reel with sunset background

[jet suh'm] noun Goods cast overboard deliberately, as to lighten a vessel or improve its stability in an emergency, which sink where jettisoned or wash ashore.


map of Sweden fishing location

Whether as part of my research or a personal adventure, I usually pack a fly rod during my travels. If I get a chance to fish, I often write about it.